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Picking the Perfect Pair of Earrings: A How-To Guide

When it comes to earrings, one size does not fit all. Choosing the right pair involves considering your individual facial features, skin tone, and personal style. Follow this guide to find your perfect match.

Assess Your Face Shape

Your face shape should significantly influence the earrings you choose. Here are flattering earring styles for common face shapes:

Oval: Because oval faces are well-proportioned, they can pull off almost any earring style. But oval faces look best with earrings that are one to one-and-a-half inches long. Great options include teardrops, ovals, and small hoops.

Round: Angular earrings like rectangles and triangles balance out soft rounded face shapes. Longer earrings also create the illusion of length. Post earrings tend to recede on round faces, so try small- or medium-sized hoops instead.

Square: Soft, rounded earrings offset hard square angles. Curved shapes like ovals, loops, and huggies are your best bet. Stay away from rigid geometric earrings.

Determine Your Undertones

Do silver or gold metals flatter you best? Figuring out your skin’s undertones helps answer this key question.

Check the veins on your wrist in natural lighting. If they appear blueish-purple, you likely have cool undertones. Opt for white metals like silver, platinum, and pewter. If you see greenish veins, you probably have warm undertones. Gold jewelry flatters this skin tone best.

You can also hold jewelry metals up to your face. Does silver or gold make your skin glow more? There’s your match! Still unsure? You might be neutral, working well with both.

Find Your Style

Nail down your personal jewelry aesthetic. Minimalist? Edgy and funky? Boho chic? Your earring style should align to give you that unique look.

Prefer dainty pieces? Consider simple studs, small hoops, and delicate chains. Love an artistic look? Mismatched quirky designs have fun flair. Adore bold statements? Oversize hoops and chandeliers demand attention.

Now equipped with tips to determine flattering earring length and shape, optimal metal shade, and style, you can confidently shop for your perfect pair! Let your uniqueness come alive.